amanda honner

I have a part-time calling to be a full-time diva.


about me

Christmas lights the arts ● video gaming ● sports ● girly drinks with little umbrellas ● parlor games ● knee socks ● bobby pins ● bare feet ● spilling things on myself ● guys with accents ● Sunday morning jazz ● talking with my hands ● socializing

Here’s where you get to know the lady behind the blog. My name is Amanda Honner. I was raised in beautiful South Florida as the stereotypical problem child, but I know I’m my parent’s favorite. One of two, I was the one being told to lead by example. I was also the one always being told not to skateboard down the street during hurricanes. I catch myself gloating that I should have a reality show dedicated to my life, but then I catch myself coming to the conclusion that I am just as lame as any other college student with a part time job.

Although this is not my first blog, I am excited about sharing my thoughts with an additional branch on the social media tree of life. I am an Advertising/Public Relations major at the University of Central Florida with a minor in basic business and have created this space as a semester-long project in my Social Media as Mass Communication course to track our social media influence.

Through this blog, I hope to reach out, extending my opinions throughout the interweb. In the meantime, I’m looking forward to developing my blog and gaining an audience who thinks I’m just as entertaining as I think I am.


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