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My PRspective

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Being a part of the prestigious advertising and public relations major at the University of Central Florida I thought that it would be essential to share what motivates me and encourages me about my decision for my future.

I find that having a PR background gives me a fresh perspective on daily scenarios. From commercials on the television, the tweets that I send out, or the way I shop, there is an all-encompassing theory of branding that acts as reinforcement of time or the rotation of the Earth.


Public Relations is a field that looks to create positive relations between a business and its clients. Being an undergrad, I am blown away by success stories of corporations. What do they do? What strategies do they use? What makes them stand out to the everyday “Joe Schmo”?

What does it take in an individual to be “cut out” for this field? The skills to make it in this acclaimed career are even more essential to being social or a skilled employee.

  1. Organization
    This is a key attribute for any employee. Having clear direction in an organized environment can aid in the development of ideal work scenarios.
  2. Time Management
    It is common to be put in the situation where multiple clients or projects are fighting for your attention. Being able to recognize deadlines and label priorities is essential and an extremely valuable skill.
  3. Computer skills
    In this day in age, technology is the basis for everything. Knowing your way about a desktop is the key to survival. In Public Relations, one will be doing a lot of press releases, use of social media and proposals for clients. The strength behind every individual is their confidence in technology.
  4. Being a strong communicator
    Be able to speak eloquently and clear. The ability to communicate is essential in forming strong relationships and developing a clear direction that is able to be understood.


Gaining exposure in the name of an organization to the targeted demographic or audience is the name of the game. Different actions can aid in this motive.

  1. Be detailed oriented
    Pay attention to the smallest of details. Being meticulous is an attribute. Every action made in the name of public relations has to reflect the qualities of the organization being represented. Any mistake would ruin a PR plan.
  2. Be good at multitasking
    PR is an industry that never sleeps. Multiple clients or projects can be fighting for the attention of an agency. It is important to always be in control of the task at hand. Being able to juggle clients and campaigns is essential.
  3. Be comfortable with public speaking
    Get comfortable with working a crowd. The ability to convey a message and attract the attention of people around you is definitely an essential attribute of PR agents.
  4. Be flexible
    Changes are always challenging this industry. New technologies, political changes, or media outlets are adapting and evolving every day. To be successful in this industry, it is critical to adapt with the industry and always know how to make the next positive move.
  5. Be patient
    Rome wasn’t built in a day, and Public Relations doesn’t have the best reputation. The world of public relations isn’t the place for the faint of heart. Developing a thick skin will help bounce back from misfortunes and patience supports confidence.

Public Relations is a fast growing field with many job opportunities available. And above all, I am excited for my journey in this industry.


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