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LG pranks interviewees with new product.

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Above is the link that I have provided for my influential web advertisement of the week, I seem to come across interesting, usually humorous ads in my time spent online. This week: televisions. We all need the newest and the greatest invention in the 21st century. What better way of receiving our daily content of the “boob tube”? It is a vicious cycle.

A staged job interview was set up by LG Electronics, and applicants were definitely not expecting the 3job LG had waiting for them. The company, LG electronics installed an 82-inch Ultra HD television screen in a hole in a wall, disguising it as a real window in an important office building overlooking the local city below. After rigging the room and installing hidden cameras, LG pushed play on a firsthand look at a natural disaster to happen right in front of their eyes.

What they saw: a screened meteor strike on the huge television that sent the weary to cower behind their seats and take cover.

Several hidden cameras picked up their reactions which will be used in a TV advert in Chile. The video starts with the slogan ‘Reality or Ultra Reality?’ as it shows workers setting up a staged office for the event. They installed the 82-inch television in a gap which made it look like a panoramic view onto the city below. But when they found out it was a joke – several failed to see the funny side. The clip concludes with the slogan ‘The World’s First 84 Inch Ultra HDTV’.

This advertisement is a comedic approach to showcasing the televisions qualities: so HD, that it blurs the line between reality and “ultra reality”. Opposed to viewing the television in a store near you, where a salesperson will tell regurgitate gibberish to the normal person about the vertical resolution, hertz or the number of HDMI inputs, this advertisement shows simply, that it is a good fucking TV. Although it was done for a Chilean audience, one doesn’t need subtitles to see that the test subjects were frightened out of their minds.

Responses to YouTube publication of LG’s humorous ad.

Whether the whole thing was orchestrated or the reactions were authentic, one thing is for sure: the stunt worked.  This post-apocalyptic prank on unsuspecting interviewees gained over two million views in less than three days with nothing but positive reviews.

But how does this compare to the same product showcased in a different manner? Televisions commercials are easy to blur. What makes this 84-inch LG Ultra HD stand out among its competitors? I came across another advertisement for Samsung’s new interactive television.

Right away, the one thing that stood out to me the most was the amount of traffic this video received:


Obviously having the pop sensation, Usher as a spokesperson and staring in this advertisement puts Samsung’s online commercial above LG’s. Longer and showcasing a story line, this advertisement seems parallel to a music video as opposed to a television commercial. However, just like the phrase, “Sex Sells”, so do celebrity enforcements.  The use of a famous face helps to influence the way consumers view a product. Customers relate the item to fame and success of the celebrity, and in return, purchase the product in the hope of emulating that to some degree.

So who did it better? Who wore the product better? That is completely up to the consumer. But one thing that I can guarantee is that both advertisements raised the bar for what is to come with online commercials showcasing products. Both went viral and definitely set a standard for innovation.

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