amanda honner

I have a part-time calling to be a full-time diva.

The Amanda

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Christmas lights ● the arts ● video gaming ● sports ● girly drinks with little umbrellas ● parlor games ● knee socks ● bobby pins ● bare feet ● spilling things on myself ● guys with accents ● Sunday morning jazz ● talking with my hands ● socializing


My rendition of an ecard meme featuring: me.

Here’s where you get to know the lady behind the blog. My name is Amanda Honner. I was raised in beautiful South Florida as the stereotypical problem child, but I know I’m my parent’s favorite. One of two, I was the one being told to lead by example. I was also the one always being told not to skateboard down the street during hurricanes. I catch myself gloating that I should have a reality show dedicated to my life, but then I catch myself coming to the conclusion that I am just as lame as any other college student with a part time job.

Although this is not my first blog, I am excited about sharing my thoughts with an additional branch on the social media tree of life. I am an Advertising/Public Relations major at the University of Central Florida with a minor in basic business and have created this space as a semester-long project in my Social Media as Mass Communication course to track our social media influence. As an Advertising/Public Relations major, there is a broad spectrum of the fields I can limit myself to. What spikes my interest is the field of crisis communication in the PR departments of large corporations. The idea of tailoring a press announcement from negatives to positives in a target audience encompasses my specialties as a person and as a business woman. In the upcoming years, I aim to further my studies and obtain a resume that is impossible to turn down. Now residing in Orlando, Florida, I feel as though I have so many possibilities for a career. 

Through this blog, I hope to reach out, extending my opinions throughout the inter-web. In the meantime, I’m looking forward to developing my blog and gaining an audience who thinks I’m just as entertaining as I think I am. 


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