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Media Coverage Analysis: UCF Knights vs. Tulsa Golden Hurricanes

Orlando Sentinel

By viewing a college football game in some unique ways, one is able to think and analyze the way that media shapes our experiences of a sporting event. The University of Central Florida Knight’s home game against Tulsa’s Golden Hurricanes showcased media’s overall reflection of sporting events via pre-game, throughout, and post-game coverage. From commentator’s predictions on whom will come out victorious to what team member spotlight will be placed on, media is influential to the overall excitement of sporting events. Media coverage of sport is widespread. By listening to commentators, specialists and watching replays we improve our knowledge and understanding.

First I chose to analyze and find articles written before the game that showcased previews and predictions of what to expect out of the team’s matchup. ESPN’s article, titled “Old Foes Tulsa, UCF Meet for First Time in American”. The article touched based on the fact that UCF has lost their past 4 games against the Golden Hurricanes dating back to 2012, primarily seated conference games. What I’ve noticed is that media places a lot of attention on the coaches perspective. George O’Leary stated “Tulsa probably has the most tradition of anybody in the conference…. We haven’t beaten them in four games. That’s basically something that I discussed with the kids this week, and its something that we’ve got to get done. You’d like to see the seniors get that off their record before they graduate.” O’Leary spoke about tradition: one of UCF’s guiding phrases is “Tradition starts here”, and that was challenged with talk about Tulsa having the most tradition in the conference. The article posted on ESPN had a personal touch when they interviewed senior Terrance Plummer, “For sure, that’s the one team that whenever I’ve been in the conference that I’ve never beaten was Tulsa. That really weighs on you as a player…So this year is our opportunity to finally go out there and get that win as a senior class that we’ve never before done.” The article also mentioned what to look out for during the duration of the Friday night matchup between Tulsa and UCF which included: conference implications that could affect the American Conference standings and chances at a bowl game, the debate over if Tulsa’s quarterback Dane Evans is maturing or not this season, which team could take advantage of the first half, if UCF’s William Stanback could keep up his rushing averages against the Golden Hurricanes, and Tulsa’s wide-receiver Keevan Lewis being a complete, overall asset to their successful season. This kind of review and pre-game assessments aid in the overall understanding of the emotion that is to be felt during a live broadcast while also aiding in sports socialization. Fans are able to connect personally with a game coverage and stay involved in the sport.

With this information in mind and because I attended the game personally, I chose to watch the first quarter without any noise implications. I already knew the outcome, but I wanted to see first-hand if the restraint of commentary had me as a viewer feel any differently about the actions of the rivalry game. What I noticed was a lot of close-up videography on coach O’Leary, Blake Bortles who was attending the game alongside his former team members on the UCF bench, and celebratory cheering.

Orlando Sentinel

Numerous amounts of big plays were made during the first quarter, which were assured by the many slow-motion replays done for emphasis on the positive or negative reflection of a certain play. Whenever a pass was completed by Knight’s quarterback Justin Holman, more attention is placed on his individual reaction and celebration to the gain of yards signifying positive reinforcement that he had done a good job. The replay done 10:32 in the first quarter utilized ESPN’s technology highlighting and tracing the successful play action done by J. Holman to J. Warton for a gain of 20 yards. This drawing done on the replay allows the viewer to see, first-hand, how the play was initiated and what players were key in making sure the gain was successful. The celebrations made by either team also allowed for the viewer to connect with the on-field emotions. When Tulsa’s D. Alexander and J. Uwaezuoke sacked UCF’s J. Holman with 1:26 in the first quarter, the Tulsa player’s high knee run and dancing made me as a UCF fan disappointed. Having had to limit myself by muting the broadcast, I was unable to use the senses that I would typically rely on for a sporting event. The excitement was limited without the background noise of the fans or sport’s commentator’s reviews of plays or focus on individual players.

I watched the second and third quarter with commentary on to get a more in-depth understanding of the effects done by sound on the excitement of the broadcasted game. The Knights versus the Golden Hurricanes was broadcasted at UCF home, Brighthouse stadium before an announced crowd of 35,323 fans including UCF alum, Blake Bortles. Every time that the UCF Knight’s scored a touchdown the UCF band would begin to play the war chant echoed by the large crowd of fans. During the replays, the commentators would congratulate the individuals who successfully administered plays. With 8:09 left in the second quarter, J. Holman fired a long shot to J. Reese for a 77 yard pass completion for a touchdown, putting the Knights up 17-0. During the replay of the game, the commentator stated, “another big play from Justin Holman, another big play given up by the Tulsa defense.” This statement both highlights positive and negative reinforcement done by ESPN. During another big play in the third quarter, Justin Holman completed a 25 yard pass to B. Perriman in which the sports announcer stated, “boy that was just too easy.” This comment made it seem that the completion of the play and the overall action of being a football player is attainable even for someone who is just an analyst. Aside from the commentators analysis of plays during the game, they highlighted both team’s coaching staff and individually highlighted George O’Leary’s strategy’s.

The post-game analysis that I chose to focus on was titled, “UCF’s Justin Holman helps lift Knights to 31-7 Revenge Win over Tulsa.” This title alone puts praise on sophomore quarterback for the Knight’s Justin Holman. Although he didn’t have a preconceived feeling of payback for the Golden Hurricanes, he made it possible for the Knights to overcome the previous rivalry. Touching base on the article that I read for the pre-game predictions, this article started out by stating that UCF needed to wipe the bad taste of defeat out of its mouth, and Tulsa provided the perfect dose of sweet victory. Although media is meant to be un-biased there is no arguing that the competition was the perfect concoction for UCF to come out victorious. The entire article, published in the Orlando Sentinel focused on Holman’s positive team moral by resetting the momentum of the game and leading the Knights to be triumphant. The article ended with a quote from J. Worton, “The main focus of our season is to win a conference championship, and [Tulsa] was just in the way, but beating them is something that’s gonna go with us for the rest of our lives, so it’s nice.”

Orlando Sentinel

The kind of review poses a conflict of interest when it comes to a review of a sporting event. When the media loses their perspective on journalism, it leads to a more biased referendum. But when it is their own product (an Orlando paper reporting on an Orlando team) can that really be considered critical and objective? Is it unfiltered editorial or are we just reading an advertisement done?

It was apparent to me that this game between the UCF Knights and the Tulsa Golden Hurricanes was exemplary of the affects that commentation and analysis has over the overall enjoyment and understanding of the game. Comparing the feeling that I received by watching the game in person, at the stadium, versus reading and analyzing pre-game reviews and listening to commentator’s opinions affected the enjoyment and understanding that I had for the previous rivalry, emotion felt by the team, and complete enjoyment attained from the game. Everything in sports media is carefully analyzed and planned in order to keep fans entertained and happy, from the camera angles to the commentators and even which athletes are highlighted. The imagery they choose to feature is the ideals and ethics in sports, dedication, pushing through the discomfort, heterosexual masculinity, and heroism. Images displayed by the media in sports are a carefully scripted narrative to sell entertainment to the consumer rather than portraying the reality of sports games and competitions. Viewers even believe that the broadcasting of the game is realistic. With the Internet and other mass media outlets, sports are able to reach the viewer in entirely new way on a more personal level than ever before, transforming our experiences.

Pre-Game News Articles:

Post-Game News Articles

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My PRspective

Being a part of the prestigious advertising and public relations major at the University of Central Florida I thought that it would be essential to share what motivates me and encourages me about my decision for my future.

I find that having a PR background gives me a fresh perspective on daily scenarios. From commercials on the television, the tweets that I send out, or the way I shop, there is an all-encompassing theory of branding that acts as reinforcement of time or the rotation of the Earth.


Public Relations is a field that looks to create positive relations between a business and its clients. Being an undergrad, I am blown away by success stories of corporations. What do they do? What strategies do they use? What makes them stand out to the everyday “Joe Schmo”?

What does it take in an individual to be “cut out” for this field? The skills to make it in this acclaimed career are even more essential to being social or a skilled employee.

  1. Organization
    This is a key attribute for any employee. Having clear direction in an organized environment can aid in the development of ideal work scenarios.
  2. Time Management
    It is common to be put in the situation where multiple clients or projects are fighting for your attention. Being able to recognize deadlines and label priorities is essential and an extremely valuable skill.
  3. Computer skills
    In this day in age, technology is the basis for everything. Knowing your way about a desktop is the key to survival. In Public Relations, one will be doing a lot of press releases, use of social media and proposals for clients. The strength behind every individual is their confidence in technology.
  4. Being a strong communicator
    Be able to speak eloquently and clear. The ability to communicate is essential in forming strong relationships and developing a clear direction that is able to be understood.


Gaining exposure in the name of an organization to the targeted demographic or audience is the name of the game. Different actions can aid in this motive.

  1. Be detailed oriented
    Pay attention to the smallest of details. Being meticulous is an attribute. Every action made in the name of public relations has to reflect the qualities of the organization being represented. Any mistake would ruin a PR plan.
  2. Be good at multitasking
    PR is an industry that never sleeps. Multiple clients or projects can be fighting for the attention of an agency. It is important to always be in control of the task at hand. Being able to juggle clients and campaigns is essential.
  3. Be comfortable with public speaking
    Get comfortable with working a crowd. The ability to convey a message and attract the attention of people around you is definitely an essential attribute of PR agents.
  4. Be flexible
    Changes are always challenging this industry. New technologies, political changes, or media outlets are adapting and evolving every day. To be successful in this industry, it is critical to adapt with the industry and always know how to make the next positive move.
  5. Be patient
    Rome wasn’t built in a day, and Public Relations doesn’t have the best reputation. The world of public relations isn’t the place for the faint of heart. Developing a thick skin will help bounce back from misfortunes and patience supports confidence.

Public Relations is a fast growing field with many job opportunities available. And above all, I am excited for my journey in this industry.


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So I said to myself, “Self…..”


Since Mark Twain was quoted saying “write what you know”, it’s been literature professor’s go-to reassurance for those with writer’s block. I have since refurbished this aphorism as “write what you feel passionately about”.

Transforming from something that you know, to something that you are passionate about is much more accurate in my book. What about love? What happens what an award-winning, acclaimed writer publishes his/her diction on the trials between heartbreak and tragedy. Do we know love? Can we explain it well enough that it can be so accurately defined? No we can’t. But if we feel enough emotion about certain topics, I believe we all harness the remedy of writer’s block.

I bring up this topic in this blog today because I was struggling. I am a UCF Advertising and Public Relations major at the University of Central Florida taking a class in the ability to utilize social media as much more than sharing what one had as breakfast this morning. Social Media is much more commonly used as mass communication in a world of technology dependent human beings. This blog that I publish on once every two weeks serves as a grade in my class. I am graded on my ability to blog about whatever I want as long as it aids in the development of my professional portfolio. That is why it is so common for me to rant about ads that are being seen, YouTube channels, or the development of myself as a scholar. It goes hand-in-hand with my major.

But now, I catch myself at a road block. I am stuck sitting in front of an open “New Post” page with nothing to write about for a week and a half. Now, it is 2 days before my assignment is to be submitted and now, I have passion.

This passion has stemmed from my motivation to succeed. Like any college student I worry more about grades than what I am supposed to be putting on my dinner plate every single night. In the University of Central Florida, the Advertising and Public Relations major is restricted. Meaning one would have to meet certain criteria in order to be accepted to the major and be able to take restricted electives which are mandatory for graduation.

As one would know if they read my blog, I came into this university as an “undeclared” major. What does this mean? It means one who has not yet decided on a degree to peruse; or in lay terms, someone who is simply lost. I was lost, having a 5.3 GPA in high school with credits in AP and AICE courses; I could have gone anywhere I wanted to. I chose UCF. Just because.

Regardless, I was matched by a personality test that I would be most suited for the Advertising or Public Relations field, and after doing research, I applied for the program.

That was two years ago. Two years ago, I applied for admission to this restricted major. I submitted a piece of paper with the simplest of information regarding my cumulative GPA and the hours I have recorded in my transcripts. Getting accepted for the second round of applicants, I was surprised that I was to write a proctored essay. I was surprised but I was excited. If there is one thing I have faith in, it is my writing. I am not the type to reiterate “to begin with”, “in addition”, or “in conclusion”. I am the type to type furiously and passionately upon subjects. I am opinionated, and I harness the belief that writing is just a reflection of your thoughts that you can use spell check for.

Spoiler alert! I did not make it into the major based upon my essay.

You can imagine the grief that I felt. Being so utterly confident in myself could have possibly been my downfall. I didn’t meet the standards for the preconceived essay guidelines based on Dawn dish soap. I wrote primarily in accordance with the public relations field. I wrote about crisis management and target audiences. Apparently that was just too far-fetched and wrong according to the department heads that choose the winners.

Coordinating with others who applied and wrote their essay on the same subject matter that I did, I compared. And the ones that were successful shocked me. According to them writing on Crisis Management was just too specific, and they thought it would have been much more useful to reiterate the definition of an advertisement. I was obviously furious. I was nixed for understanding the concepts just a little too well.

Two years later, I did some research, found the broadest topics in the field and made them even broader.

So I took the essay again one week ago and was outstandingly shocked to hear the news again. My essay just didn’t meet the level that an accepted student would need to enter the major. This time, however, I went into the proctored essay room so confident in myself because, this time, I was chosen to write about Chipotle’s, the Scarecrow ad. This advertisement made such an impact on my life the moment I saw it and just reinforced that this is what I want to do for a living. I want to be able to make an audience feel a certain way through advertisements. I want to make consumers devoted and loyal to a company through the use of values and marketing techniques.

You would think that this passion would translate well through writing an essay, since I have already stated that the only successful writing technique is harnessing passion towards your topic, but I guess I fell short once again.

Now I have even more passion regarding this issue. I find myself, a junior at this university and still pending with the major of my dreams. Winston Churchill stated “never, never, never give up”. I once was a confident scholar with faith in every single project or assignment that I have turned in, and now I possess a new feeling of self-doubt. What if I fail again? What will that do for my graduation date?

These questions go unanswered. I have gotten this assignment done for my class by writing about my writing not being “good enough”.

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Stereotypes in Media: It’s time to break cliches


Above is a compilation of gender stereotypes depicted through media. Traditionally, it is key to find a target audience.

“Boys will be boys and girls will be girls.” This classic statement has grown erroneous with the building challenges to social gender norms. This cultural mythology is not so natural anymore. Classic cues of masculinity, traditional signs of femininity and stereotypes associated with the two have grown important in social sciences. Traditionally, masculinity is referred to as classic characteristics of males where femininity categorizes a habitual female schema. With the help of Rolling Stone Magazine, and two similar articles, I have noticed key characteristics and obvious defiance to gender labels. Through media, the artist can make the audience feel any emotion or skew their opinion towards the most sensitive subject. Media is a direct form of mind control and has affected social standards that are expected to be met. However, an alternative conception of gender roles has been compared to anarchy and disorder, where in fact, it is just an evolutionary perspective to view the world and its inhabitants.

Traditional roles of males and females have shaped a social schema that builds the boundaries of “the norm”. Masculinity is highlighted as one possessing classic male qualities: aggressive posture, self-confidence and a tough appearance. Femininity as female attributes: gentleness, passivity, and strong nurturing instincts. In society, this idea of “mandatory” gender standards is either heavily enforced or passionately challenged. In Warren St. John’s  Metrosexuals Come Out, an international view of manly attributes is simply disconnected with an “americanized” portrayal of male characteristics. “Metrosexual”, a new name for something quite old. Men with taste and style who know about fashion, art, and culture have always existed. In the past, these kinds of men were the upper crust of society with importance placed on aesthetics and appeal almost as much as women. An American Metrosexual is like your average European male. In France or Italy, men can be manly and work on cars and still be educated in the arts congruently. In the U.S. society creates polar gender classes and perceives men to either be dumb primates or homosexuals, leaving an extremely large gray area. The same goes for women. Men could consider a woman as a typical nurturing mother figure by bearing two and a half average babies and sustaining a clean home for their working, cookie cutter husband, or if they stray from the social norm, they are labeled as a “bitch”. There is an emphasis on not being pretentious in America and that itself becomes a kind of pretentiousness.

miley cyrus 22

Recent depiction of Miley Cyrus’ “new look” on the cover of Rolling Stone Magazine.

In the media, there is a typical ideal that sex sells. But what classifies something to be considered “sexy”? A woman with luscious hair and a striking red dress or a woman in a business pant suit? A man, shirtless, working on the engine to an American classic muscle car or a rock sensation sporting skin tight pants and a hot pink boa?  I chose rolling stone magazine because it is a classic musical magazine that broadcasts media articles based upon the mainstream hits of the month. I believe a music magazine portrays people in their natural habitat and allows an artist to express themselves both visually and musically appealing. Yes, as a stage act, but people’s physical appearances and facial features are collected in this magazine as candid shots. This is different than a fashion magazine, where a person walks on a set and is dressed up as the director’s Barbie or Ken dolls to portray a striking advertising image rather than an expressive blunt snapshot of personality.

I chose the February issue in 2012, which just so happened to be my reading material in the financial aid office of my college. Immediately opening this popular social regime, a Bacardi advertisement portrays women has damsels in a vintage cocktail lounge being entertained by men. This exaggeration, though socially accepting, is generally sexist and obnoxious. The role of femininity started as way to classify a woman’s role in society. However, depicted in this issue of Rolling Stone Magazine, I found it obvious that femininity is best enacted as a sensuality of a woman or nontraditional characteristics of a man. A music artist allows their own creativity to be displayed to their audience and popular culture daily. Gender association in the music industry is always apparent. Bruno Mars, on page 20 is seen sweetly smiling in to a microphone with a neatly sculpted hair cut. This affects the audience differently than the picture immediately underneath of Dr. Dre scrunching his eyebrows and he barks blunt hip hop rhymes. One represents a strong, aggressive masculine role while the other plays against the social norm by acting romantic. Bruce Springsteen on page 61 is seen posted up on a rugged red wall allowing his eyes to make love to the camera. There is nothing seductive about a scowling forehead or a snared lip, but it allows Springsteen to appeal to the audience as a “man’s man”. Lana Del Rey, although a strikingly beautiful woman, on page 60, Rey appeals differently than expressing an automatic feminine sensuality and attractiveness. Standing up straight with stiff posture and a sneering mouth as she holds a cigarette up and sporting a ripped, painted shirt. However, when I looked up her tunes, I was surprised to notice that her perception via advertisement summarized her atmospheric, torchy, husky sounding voice and music genre.

It’s very natural for performers to be generalized. Women singers are often seen seducing the microphone and romantically making eye contact with the audience or camera while men either take aggression out on a heavy guitar riff or resembling a slouched primate hip-hop artist spitting choppy rhymes of anger or jest. On page 26, there is a tribute to Etta James, classically beautiful African American blues singer is then challenged by Nicki Manaj as an anime, Alice in Wonderland disco ball. It becomes apparent that times are changing and generalizations are falling short of expectation.

Connecting these articles with a classic popular culture magazine, it is obvious that the stereotypes of male and female gender generalizations are being challenged. What is a man’s man and what is a woman’s woman? It depends on the audience being affected.

The Courage to Advertise Without Female Stereotypes How brands like Huggies, Tide and Target go beyond the clichés By David Gianatasio

I came across this wonderful article highlighting the new courage with stores to cross traditional cliches in their new ads.

The new “modern mom” is no longer a homemaker, but an empowered woman in a pinstriped power suit, hair perfectly coiffed, reading a bedtime story to her kids while checking her email from work on her iPhone. I believe the advertising perspective on stereotypes is a lot slower than the changing roles in society. According to Sarah Kramer, president and global managing director at Starcom MediaVest Group, who steers the Proctor & Gamble account, “Too often, marketers will generalize when they could have been more personal, or more engaging” with their target audience.

fea-womens-cliche-01-2013Advertising is at a different point today than it has ever been. The idea of B2C (business to consumer), direct marketing and the uses of two-way communication now allow society to give personal opinions towards companies and their products. The idea of transforming social media to be the mainstream allows for a two-way communication approach that aids in yielding more data and insight to what the consumer wants to see, hear, and own. Kramer states, “Data helps us to understand what’s most meaningful to them [and] to understand who women are unique in terms of why they engage with brands and why they care” about various products and services.

The only way that these stereotypes and cliches will adapt with society is if society admits to the changing gender roles assigned.

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LG pranks interviewees with new product.

Above is the link that I have provided for my influential web advertisement of the week, I seem to come across interesting, usually humorous ads in my time spent online. This week: televisions. We all need the newest and the greatest invention in the 21st century. What better way of receiving our daily content of the “boob tube”? It is a vicious cycle.

A staged job interview was set up by LG Electronics, and applicants were definitely not expecting the 3job LG had waiting for them. The company, LG electronics installed an 82-inch Ultra HD television screen in a hole in a wall, disguising it as a real window in an important office building overlooking the local city below. After rigging the room and installing hidden cameras, LG pushed play on a firsthand look at a natural disaster to happen right in front of their eyes.

What they saw: a screened meteor strike on the huge television that sent the weary to cower behind their seats and take cover.

Several hidden cameras picked up their reactions which will be used in a TV advert in Chile. The video starts with the slogan ‘Reality or Ultra Reality?’ as it shows workers setting up a staged office for the event. They installed the 82-inch television in a gap which made it look like a panoramic view onto the city below. But when they found out it was a joke – several failed to see the funny side. The clip concludes with the slogan ‘The World’s First 84 Inch Ultra HDTV’.

This advertisement is a comedic approach to showcasing the televisions qualities: so HD, that it blurs the line between reality and “ultra reality”. Opposed to viewing the television in a store near you, where a salesperson will tell regurgitate gibberish to the normal person about the vertical resolution, hertz or the number of HDMI inputs, this advertisement shows simply, that it is a good fucking TV. Although it was done for a Chilean audience, one doesn’t need subtitles to see that the test subjects were frightened out of their minds.

Responses to YouTube publication of LG’s humorous ad.

Whether the whole thing was orchestrated or the reactions were authentic, one thing is for sure: the stunt worked.  This post-apocalyptic prank on unsuspecting interviewees gained over two million views in less than three days with nothing but positive reviews.

But how does this compare to the same product showcased in a different manner? Televisions commercials are easy to blur. What makes this 84-inch LG Ultra HD stand out among its competitors? I came across another advertisement for Samsung’s new interactive television.

Right away, the one thing that stood out to me the most was the amount of traffic this video received:


Obviously having the pop sensation, Usher as a spokesperson and staring in this advertisement puts Samsung’s online commercial above LG’s. Longer and showcasing a story line, this advertisement seems parallel to a music video as opposed to a television commercial. However, just like the phrase, “Sex Sells”, so do celebrity enforcements.  The use of a famous face helps to influence the way consumers view a product. Customers relate the item to fame and success of the celebrity, and in return, purchase the product in the hope of emulating that to some degree.

So who did it better? Who wore the product better? That is completely up to the consumer. But one thing that I can guarantee is that both advertisements raised the bar for what is to come with online commercials showcasing products. Both went viral and definitely set a standard for innovation.

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Personality test that knows you better than you know yourself!


I chose to take the Personality test provided by It was a very basic test that asked me a number of questions regarding the type of thinker, communicator, and motivator that I perceive myself as. Based on the legendary work of Swiss psychologist Carl Jung and his pioneering typological models, the Career Personality Test will help you discover what personality type you are and use that information to build a profile of what might satisfy you in a career.

The website offers many different assessments that are designed to help students and professionals plan more fulfilling lives by making well-informed decisions about their education and careers. They offer analyzing quizzes in the realms of personality tests, skills profiling, career matches, and interest inventories. All of which take your ideals and transform them into a data-filled result page of what work environment best fits the individual.

personality test

This outcome fits the type of person that I am, perfectly. I have a strong head on my shoulders and I always aim at being the center of attention and seeking perfection. At the same time I can get off track by drawing or daydreaming. I am a social butterfly with a caring and subjective heart.  I believe that I have become a strong and free-spirited person. I am extroverted when it comes to social situations and energy levels. I am intuitive when it comes to relationships and imagination. I am more of a feeler than a thinker, meaning I am compassionate and empathetic to others, being primarily guided by my heart instead of my head. I am a perceiver and impulsive instead of a straight-forward judger.

These outcomes explain the type of personality that I acquire. I believe that the upcoming world needs more people that are enthusiastic, warm, adaptive and versatile like me. The world and its culture and population are changing by the second and the world’s inhabitants need to rid themselves of the narrow-minded perspective that everybody is going to be exactly the same. Different perspectives and different ideals need to be pinpointed on and focused on in order for people to understand one another and develop positive work places. I believe that supportive and expressive people are the building bricks to society and they aid everyone around them to grow and prosper as individuals.

I believe this outcome represents the person that I would love to portray myself as in the  Advertising/Public Relations field. Obviously that shows that I’m strong minded and passionate about my tasks. I feel as if the factors that go into making career choices should relate to a person’s personality. If you’re an introvert, you cannot be on a stage or in front of a camera. It depends on the type of person you are and your interests what job best fits you. I can help people in the business environment while making my voice heard.  The described words or Enterprising and Artistic match me perfectly. I am AMBITIOUS, OPTIMISTIC, COMPETITIVE, CONFIDENT, EXPRESSIVE, AND IMAGINATIVE. While at the same time I focus mainly on “winning” and “independence”. I love working towards success and feel that I am the holder of my future. Nobody is building my own path, and my goals depend on my willingness to succeed.

“Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some hire public relations officers” -Daniel J. Boorstin

As a part of the UCF Knight family, I believe that I am well rounded and some of my results should be projected in every student on UCF’s campus. People need to develop understanding compassion for one another. Everybody is diverse and it takes consideration and friendliness to adapt to the changing society.

Understanding is key to communication.  It is important to remember that in order to fully understand and communicate with another person, one needs an open mind and an open heart. I believe personality tests should open people’s eyes and let them recognize who they truly are and see what type of person they portray themselves as. Anybody can act pretentious and outwardly state that they have a strong head on their shoulders, but do they even believe themselves?

I love that I’m creative, yes I procrastinate and live each moment like it is my last, that could be one of my biggest downfalls. And it took me taking this personality test in order for me to really recognize the fact that my passiveness is one of my biggest downfalls, but it takes motivation in order to overcome failure. The UCF student is diverse. My college is a melting pot of different cultures, people, and creativity.

And here’s a positive video to leave you with as you aspire to your goals and planning your future.

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The Amanda

Christmas lights ● the arts ● video gaming ● sports ● girly drinks with little umbrellas ● parlor games ● knee socks ● bobby pins ● bare feet ● spilling things on myself ● guys with accents ● Sunday morning jazz ● talking with my hands ● socializing


My rendition of an ecard meme featuring: me.

Here’s where you get to know the lady behind the blog. My name is Amanda Honner. I was raised in beautiful South Florida as the stereotypical problem child, but I know I’m my parent’s favorite. One of two, I was the one being told to lead by example. I was also the one always being told not to skateboard down the street during hurricanes. I catch myself gloating that I should have a reality show dedicated to my life, but then I catch myself coming to the conclusion that I am just as lame as any other college student with a part time job.

Although this is not my first blog, I am excited about sharing my thoughts with an additional branch on the social media tree of life. I am an Advertising/Public Relations major at the University of Central Florida with a minor in basic business and have created this space as a semester-long project in my Social Media as Mass Communication course to track our social media influence. As an Advertising/Public Relations major, there is a broad spectrum of the fields I can limit myself to. What spikes my interest is the field of crisis communication in the PR departments of large corporations. The idea of tailoring a press announcement from negatives to positives in a target audience encompasses my specialties as a person and as a business woman. In the upcoming years, I aim to further my studies and obtain a resume that is impossible to turn down. Now residing in Orlando, Florida, I feel as though I have so many possibilities for a career. 

Through this blog, I hope to reach out, extending my opinions throughout the inter-web. In the meantime, I’m looking forward to developing my blog and gaining an audience who thinks I’m just as entertaining as I think I am.